About me

I’m Felister Wamaitha.

I’m from Kenya, Africa.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist with a BA in Psychology and MS in Counseling.

I’ve always loved to give others direction. Maybe that’s why I’ve been a student leader throughout my school life which have ‘helped’ me see the ugliest of situations from students, those in authority (teachers and lecturers) and even from colleagues transiting from emotional difficulties.

I have lived with a drug addict brother. I have struggled with fitness issues and so when when I give direction outside the class (now as a writer and a counselor), I talk from experience and a place of understanding the struggle and the journey.

The truth is, having to deal with health issues including and not limited to eating disorders, nutrition concern, anxieties, depression, addiction, ADHD and the like is never an easy path. That’s why I choose to help by writing about them.

I comfort, show love, direct and give tips on how to cope with health issues through content creation.

My greatest pleasure is helping people with nutrition concerns, fitness goals and mental health issues transform into the best version of themselves.

I have delved deep into health and wellness issues and I have mastered how to digest complex topics and explain the details with simple words for the benefit of the audience.

Apart from writing, I’m a fitness enthusiast. I believe a healthy and a balanced life start with a healthy body.

I also enjoy cooking (I can be a master chief hehe…in my humble opinion).